What will my Revyve Transaction Coordinator do?

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Instruct client(s) on opening of escrow, if applicable, and obtain/deliver receipt of escrow when satisfied.

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Upload all necessary documents into online transaction management system as they are received and/or fully executed throughout the duration of the transaction.

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Review purchase agreement, riders, counter offers and addendums to ensure proper execution with all dates, initials, signatures and information satisfied.

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Submit Commission Disbursement Request to Brokerage, if applicable, and submit to Closing/Title Company.

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Track and communicate deadlines to client(s) and other necessary parties per contract agreement.

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Submit all necessary documents to Brokerage for compliance review based on Brokerage policy.

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Assist agent in instructing client(s) on scheduling necessary appointments (Appraisal, Inspection, etc.)

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Maintain weekly contact with all parties for status updates as well as items outstanding.

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Send any necessary reports to the selling/listing agent upon request.

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Provide digital copies of the entire file, including Closing Statement, to Agent & Client upon completion of the file.


Providing Quality Service

Why are agents and brokerages choosing to hire Revyve?

Fast Performance

Revyve T.C.s are available around the clock to support your business. Whenever you go under contract, rest assured that your T.C. will be there to support you.

Individual Support

Agents are designated an individual T.C. to manage their files, ensuring easy communication and streamlined support. The less hands in the mix, the easier the transaction!


All files are reviewed, revised, retained, and submitted according to the brokerage policies and procedures that you provide your Transaction Coordinator.


T.C. availability can easily scale up or down to support the transaction-load of your business, without you worrying about hiring or firing.

Tax Savings

Using a Revyve T.C. as opposed to hiring your own staff members can mean big savings on payroll taxes.

Save Time

Our Transaction Coordinators save agents hours on every transaction, taking the bulk of the busy work off of their plate.

Be Better Organized

With dozens of tasks, and over a handful of parties involved, your T.C. will handle it, helping you be better organized.

Scale Your Business

With the extra hours made available by having a T.C., you can invest more time in growing your business. Our services pay for themselves!

What Our Agent-Partners Are Saying

The best compliment we can receive is a 5-star review and/or a referral!

It is great, as an agent, to know Revyve has my back... Knowledgeable, professional, and responsive at all times.

Michelle, Keller Williams Realty

[Revyve is] super professional, responsive... As a realtor, they make my life so much easier... I am confident that they will take care of my client just like I would."

Paul, Keller Williams Realty

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